Why Wireless Ear-Phones Are Preferred Over Wired?


A valuable pair of headphones will last for years if you take care of them properly. So be careful while investing, and make sure to buy good quality headphones. One of the biggest questions arises in everyone’s mind while purchasing a pair of the earphone, is either to buy a wired ear-buds or wireless ones. Both options have different advantages, but it depends on you, which one to choose based on your requirements. These are some of the specifications which you need to consider before buying an ear-phone:

Sound quality:

The sound quality and the design of the product are considered as one of the most important things which are to be considered while purchasing earbuds. Earlier it was said that the wired devices have good sound quality compared to all other available Bluetooth or wireless devices. It is true that Bluetooth connections handle very little information across the signals but at the same time, the quality of the product depends on the brand and the manufactures, who create different designs based on different Equalization levels made on high base levels. Jaybird is considered to be the best ear-bud manufacture. They manufacture various types of ear-phones like freedom, x3, x2 and many more, in which you can compare between jaybird freedom vs x3 and choose the best for you.

jaybird freedom vs x3

Complete freedom:

Just imagine connecting your headphones to your computers, tablets, iPods or any other devices and walking away, it may be a bit difficult to roam all-around carrying these wired devices. In order to avoid this situation, you can consider buying a wireless device which provides you the freedom to move around and help you to carry on your work. Many people avoid to prefer wireless devices because of poor battery backup, but in this ever-changing modern technology, the battery inbuilt in the wireless devices are available with the controllers, which gets turned off when not in use.

Present devices and future devices:

While planning to purchase a wireless ear-bud, you should make sure to check with which device you are willing to use with the ear-phones, presently and in future as well. All the new latest technology phones have stopped providing 3.5mm wired connection. If you are currently using a primary device and planning to buy the latest device, then it’s better to buy wireless earphones, which will help you ahead in time.


Buying a wireless or wired ear-buds is completely depends upon your personal preference. But if you prefer to move all around without cords or cables dangling, wireless is considered to be the best choice.