What Are The Best Types Of E-Cigs?

What- Are -The -Best -Types -Of- E-Cigs?

E-Cigs have created a huge market, there are many types of e-cigs which you can find these days. Some of them are easy to handle and use, some give the good aroma and some provide a thick vape. What do you like the most, aroma, comfort or thick vape? In this post, we will see those types of E-cigs which can give you the quality you desire. Following are the types of e-cigs from which you could choose.

Easy To Handle E-Cigs


There are some of the e-cigs like Juul which are really easy to handle and use. There are some features which make this type of e-sing worth your money.

  • You can use a variety of Juul pod flavors
  • Its body is slim which makes it easy to hide and handle
  • Fast charging and lasts longer than usual e-cigs
  • Easy to assemble all the attachments
  • All the attachments are replaceable and can be found easily in the market

All these features make these kinds of pods the best buy. People who don’t want a complex e-cig prefer these types of over others.

For Better Aroma

Juul pod flavors
Juul pod flavors

Vape pens and mods give the best aroma as the flavors which are used in this are thick juice and combines best with the vape. You can find different types of flavors for them. There are some of the best types of aroma flavors which you can get.

  • Tropical flavored
  • Creamy tobacco
  • Dragon fruit Menthol
  • Juicy apple
  • Spearmint Gum

These are some of the best vape juices which you can get online for these types of e-cigs. People love vape pens and mods because they give aroma instead of the traditional cig smell.

Cigs For Thick Vapes


Mods should be the first choice for the people who are cloud chasers. People who need thick vapes are generally the cloud chasers who love competing for the latest challenges which trend on social media platforms. Do you know what so special about these mods?

  • There are some of the qualities which make these mods create the best vapes
  • The battery voltage and wattage is more than other e-cigs
  • You can change the coils according to your likings
  • The juice tank is bigger than the others
  • It comes with the digital display which can give you details on the battery, juice etc
  • There are different types of filters which one can use

All the above are some of the types of e-cigs according to the usage of the e-cigs. After reading all the information it will be easy for you to find the best e-cig according to your need.