The Impact Of Internet On Television Industry

The Impact Of Internet On Television Industry

In the past, only television was the medium for entertainment and almost 90% of people in the world are using this platform. That time television was referred as TV sets which are used to watch television programs on those devices.

Now, new technologies have brought a vast change in the television industry. It is more affordable and allows the user to watch any channel or program that they want at any time at any device.

Today, Internet streaming is leading in the media and television industry. It also streams the content and helps in broadcasting the signals over the internet. The most common networks are Netflix, amazon prime provides videos, films in the lower prices. The Internet also affected the economy of cable TV.

Internet streaming and its impact on television industry –

IPTV provider
IPTV provider
  • Internet streaming not only affected the economy of cable and satellite TV but also provide many companies which allow you watching films and shows at lower prices such as Netflix, Hulu, chromecast, amazon prime etc. It brings convenience to the audience to watch television.
  • It provides comfort and convenience for the user by allowing them to watch at their own pace and choice at any time. They can watch at any platform by comparing the cost in which they get the more affordable price.
  • It brings new technologies for broadcasting the television signals like digital TV, DTTV, HDTV, VOD, IPTV etc. VOD allows the user to watch and download the video on their demand and IPTV is a subscriber based which transmit or receive the television signals over the internet by using internet protocol. It affected the economy of cable TV. IPTV providers ruling on 50% on television networks.
  • When we compare the cable TV with the internet streaming, the internet television networks are much more reliable, cheaper and convenient to install. It helps to meet the needs of the user without limiting them to a particular place.
  • It allows the user to watch shows or movies on any device such as computer system, television, tablets and even in mobile phones according to their comfort.
  • Traditional television networks get affected by the bad weather and climate calamity but internet streaming does not affect with the bad weather and climate and not lose the connection.


Today, internet is playing a major role in every part of our lives and leading the entertainment industry. It provide many benefits and convenience to its user.