Internet protocol television abbreviated as IPTV. It is a system where television digital services are provided through internet by using internet protocol. It is a new technique of providing television services while previously it was transferred through cables and satellites.

It is a subscriber based telecommunication program which is not only limited to television while it also provides services to other online equipment.

It is stream based where the content can be downloaded immediately by the user.  The service which is sign by the user gets through the set-up box and receives TV program as well as video on demand.

Following advantages of IPTV over cable are –

  • The first big difference is that cable TV was designed as the one-way broadcast system. All the programming which are available is transferred from the central head through a fiber cable which runs to the neighborhoods.
  • Internet protocol TV is better than satellite or cable TV because it requires a lot less appliance to start a connection. Only you need a system or an internet connection to start a connection. It provides a number of thousands of channels which you can watch.
  • Internet protocol television is much less crowded and obstructed than cable. The signals are transferred and function on independent networks, hence there is no scope for loss of connection or signal due to congestion of wires.
  • The method of broadcasting the content through internet protocol is much easy and better than satellites and cables. In cable TV you need cables and setup box to install. Here you don’t need any cables and installation. You just need an internet connection and a system or television.
  • In bad climate and weather, internet protocol TV has fewer chances to lose connection. Its functions on internet connection and is not affected by any bad weather or calamity while cable or satellite TV gets affected by bad weather or any climate calamity and you lose the connection.
  • Traditional methods of broadcasting such as satellite and cable used a sophisticated system called DOCSIS to broadcast the content. It divides the cable and fiber bandwidth into 6-MHz while internet protocol TV used the two-way system in which video gets encrypted and compressed into IP packets which are sent through an internet connection.


Internet protocol television is a self-install model which anyone can watch through computer screen, television, and even in a mobile device. It is much more efficient than cable and satellite network