Some Basics About Musical.Ly

Some Basics About Musical.Ly

How to create music videos with kids?

This is a very good idea to make music videos with kids. Children would love the experience alot. You can ask someone to create the video or also can create the video with the selfie mode of your smartphone. Create amazing videos and pick the favorite track for it. Average videos don’t work well. You have to put your creativity in the videos so that it is liked by people. Seek for quality videos and make a habit of posting videos on a frequent basis so as to have more followers and gain popularity.

How can we do a duet?

It’s quite easy to perform a duet on You also don’t need to be in the same place in order to do this. One person can create his solo video and post it. The other person can then follow the post and create a duet. You are able to do dubsmash or perform a singing video depending on the nature of the video.

How to monitor someone’s activity on

Parents are always curious to know their children’s’ social activity. This app lets you do this. Nowadays, everyone wants to be popular on social platforms. In order to achieve social popularity, one can do the things which are not at all appropriate for one’s age group. It’s the responsibility of parents that they keep their children safe and protected. You can limit the information shared by your kids and do the needful task.

How to delete an uploaded video?

It sometimes happens that we have posted a video on and then we want the video to be deleted permanently. This can be done with an ease. All you need to do is to select the post you want to delete. In the bottom right corner of the post, you’ll see a “…” option. Tap on it and choose the “Delete” option and you’re done with deleting the post.

How to become famous on

Buy Musically Fans
Buy Musically Fans

Everyone wants fame these days. You can Buy tiktok followers to be more popular on this platform. This is not all, you need to improve the quality of your video so that more and more people appreciate it and like it.


These were some basic things that you should know if you are using Go ahead and enjoy the musical experience with this amazing app.