Phix is a kind of vaping pod that is made for smokers that like changes in the flavors of their inhaler. The experiences of people are very different when they uses phix pods or cigarettes for smoking. The mean reasons for that are the benefits of using Phix pods. Men, as well as women, uses these vaping devices so that they can enjoy their smoking habit. Phix is considered as the best vaping device because it offers more distinct qualities for veteran smokers. These pods are also less harmful to your health as said by some sources. Inhalation by this pod gives satisfaction to users.

What are the flavors offered in Phix vape?

  • Hard Strawberry #22 flavor.
  • Butterscotch flavor.
  • Spearmint flavor.
  • Ice flavor.

What are the elements used in the composition of Phix vape?

  • 1.5mL PHIX Pods
  • 5% nic by weight
  • Crafted by Brewell MFG
  • Mixed pack contains Butterscotch Tobacco, Hard
  • Strawberry, Ice Tobacco, and Spearmint.
  • Phix

What are the different flavors of e-juices available in Phix pods?

  • Pop Deez by Steep Vapo.
  • Looper by ANML.
  • Streak by Lost Fog.
  • Neon Cream by Lost Fog.
  • Pop Deez by steep.
  • Boss Reserve by Cuttwood.
  • Cali Colada by Liquid State.
  • Blue Raspberry by Roll-Upz.
  • Baie Cream by Lost Fog.
  • Apple Snap by Snap Liquid.

What are the different kinds of starter kit available in Phix pods?

  • Phix Vape Starter Kit by MLV.
  • Limitless Pulse Pod System Starter kit.
  • Vaporesso Revenger Starter Kit.
  • Skyhook RDTA Box 220w Kit.
  • Stick V8 3000mah Kit.
  • Smok T-Priv 220w TC and TFV8 Big Baby Beast Full Kit.
  • Vaporesso Nebula 100W TC.
  • Micro One 150 Kit by SMOK.
  • Mini Volt Stater Kit by Council of Vapor.
  • JoyeTech EGrip Kit.

What is a different kind of caps and pods given by Phix vape?

  • Phix Vape Pods Cool Melon.
  • Phix Vape Pods Hard Strawberry #22.
  • Phix Vape Pods Original Tobacco.
  • Phix Vape Pods Butterscotch.
  • Phix Vape Pods Spearmint.
  • Phix Vape Pods Ice.


The biggest advantage of using Phix pods is that they are available in varieties of flavors. They have distinct types of e-juices and starter kits. All this increase the smoker’s inclination towards him. This vape makes electronic smoking very pleasant for veteran smokers.