Microsoft Office: Essential Things You Need To Know

Microsoft Office: Essential Things You Need To Know

Since we are living in an era of technology where everything is possible with the use of computer only. From a general store to the airport, everywhere all the work is done using a personal computer or laptops. We are here to focus its important part on which the whole working depends that is Microsoft office. With this set of application software, no one over the world would be able to complete any sort of work.

About Microsoft Office?

It is the set of applications and servers which has been developed by Microsoft Corporation, whose founder is Bill Gates. It is a combined series of business software applications, mainly used for Windows. Its programs like data processing, text editing and file management and e-mail which are usually used for running any business. For Microsoft Windows Office, 2010 is the updated version as on July 2010. Recently it has developed its latest versions that are Office Mobile which enables the users to have all the facilities of its applications with mobile devices.

Constituent of Microsoft Office

Microsoft Word: It is a universally used word processor software that allows typing the text, writing content and documentation for commercial or personal purposes. It was launched in 1983, over the years they keep on updating many upcoming versions. Recently Word 13 has come into existence.

Microsoft Excel: It is a spreadsheet that comprises of rows and columns. Nowadays most of the business prefers to use that only for every sort of their work.

Microsoft PowerPoint: It is a set of program that is basically made for creating presentations comprises of text, slide shows, graphics, and items.

Microsoft access: Its works as a database management system works for windows with the help of graphical user interface and tools for software development.

Microsoft OneNote: It is a program of computer restricts associating information and elaboration of multiple users. It provides the facility to share notes and handwritten documents to the users over the internet.

Microsoft Publisher: It’s a desktop formatting app works for Windows that help in designing creative notes, calendars, business cards, greeting, and websites.

Microsoft Visio: It is used for the creation of simple as well as complicated diagrams, flow-charts and can stuff them for when you are willing to get some more work from it.


Whether about business or personal uses are considered, nothing can be possible without Microsoft Office. Those who are willing for its best features can download a set from