How To Edit Instagram Pictures For Clean And White Look



Capturing a beautiful moment in the form of pictures is something, everyone is very found off. Social media has changed the way of communication and the way it was perceived, in a very positive manner. Every time you post a photo or update your status on Instagram, you are contributing to your own digital footprint and personal brand, so you should be aware of the editing techniques which will bring the huge difference to your posts.



The first and the foremost thing one need to do is to tune your image. There are various editing applications available in the store for your benefit, which you can use. Using those apps you can brighten up the whole image, add some contrast, increase the saturation and ambiance of the photo. You can also use the highlights and lower the shadows, and just cool down the image.





To edit and brighten up your whites, you can absolutely use amazing selective edit options. You have to click at any point on the image and then adjust your brightness, contrast, and saturation. To make your whites crisper, you can brighten up the image and lower the contrast and desaturate your image. You can also use your fingers to zoom your image and spread your effects over the image, where you actually want to.



If you are not satisfied with your highlights, then you can use a brush feature. You can use a burn brush or dodge to paint your walls a bit brighter. You can even use the exposure brush to work, which makes very dramatic. You can use selective edits and exposure brushes to brighten particular spots in your picture.




alternatives to Instagress
alternatives to Instagress


To bring more details on your post, you can sharpen the picture and slightly increase the structure. There are various tools out of which Instagress was one such finest automation tool but unfortunately it has been shut down by Instagram due to some uncertain reasons. But you don’t have to worry. You can search for the best alternatives to Instagress and yes there are so many software’s available in the market that does the similar thing and has some real rock solid features.



You can add various filters using multiple apps, on a single picture. You just have to save your picture with the first filter and then reimport it to add another filter. But before adding more effects to get an image brighter and cleaner you need to make sure to check the brightness and contrast of the image (as discussed in Step3& step4).



Photography is the best way to freeze time and to capture the moments that were happy and healthy. A photo is the best way to go back to a memory so to make your memory more attractive and interesting, you can use the above-mentioned steps to give your Instagram pictures a clean and brighter look.