National broadband network plans is abbreviated as NBN plans. National broadband network is a high broadband connection rolled out by NBN Co Limited, which gives you internet connection. National broadband is fibre-optic, wireless connection and satellite infrastructure which gives you high speed internet connection. National broadband network is used to provide internet connection to each and every home and office in Australia. It provide telephones and internet connection to buyers so that they can provides services like telephony, entertainment, security and e-health RANGE OF BROADBAND TECHNOLOGIES FTTP – Fibre to the premises FTTB – Fibre to the building FTTN – Fibre to the node HFC – Hybrid fibre coax (commonly known as pay TV cable) Fixed wireless Satellite NBN connection means providing internet connection home or office which give you high speed net when you are in your building. Doesn’t matter which type of NBN connection is headed or no matter what type of technology is deliver by NBN connection. Star wired cat 6 cable should be present at your building at central position, from where NBN connection can handle ideally. Star wired cat 6 cable can be used to telephones, PCs, laptops, mobile and even Wi-Fi devices. FTTP FTTP stands for fibre to the premises. FTTP provide fibre which run in to your home, and terminated by a device called network terminated device (NTD), which is supplied by NBN. It allows two different phone service providers and four different data service providers. FTTB FTTB stands for fibre to the building. FTTB provide fibre which run or installed in to a building. It terminates a node which convert the optical signal in tone which satisfactory to the copper cables. These nodes are used to extend the broadband cable or service to all over the building. FTTN FTTN stands for fibre to the node. FTTN is similar to FTTB, it’s also terminates nodes to connect multiple device. The only difference is FTTN install the node outside the building or premises, so it can connect multiple premises. The node terminated to an ideal solution. HFC HFC stands for hybrid fibre coax. It works as the cable modem. It provide internet connection inside the home over the existing pay TV network. These technology provide both broadband and telephony from the cable modem. FIXED WIRELESS Fixed wireless is install radio base stations. These works like one used for mobile then install an antenna and a fixed modem. SATELLITE Installing a satellite, it’s get connected with network terminating device (NTD). Satellites mainly used for remote areas.