Advantages and Disadvantages Of Playing Online Games

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Playing Online Games
Advantages and Disadvantages Of Playing Online Games

Online games are really interesting and amazing way to pass our time. With online games, you can pass your leisure time and if you are feeling bored then you can play the game as it will also give you so many advantages.


  • Improve physical and mental abilities

It is proven in many studies that if we are playing games regularly then we are not only passing our time and also we are increasing our physical and mental ability. If you will play star wars battlefront 2 hack game then you will realise that slowly your memory power or your physical strength is increasing and you will feel something different about yourself.

  • Career Boost

If you are gamer then you should know that there are certain genres of games rewards who encourages leadership traits they are providing a community with the regular gamer. In research, it has proven that gamers are taking motivation in their world career.

  • Therapeutic Uses

If anyone having an issue with their brain or their body then it is proved that if they will play games. They can cure any physical or mental problem. And video games are also be used in a rehabilitative in people who are present their problem of cares among others.

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  • As an entertainment

As everyone doing their work full day but sometimes they feel so stressed. That time they use to play game and it provides relax their mind. So it is also the good way to entertain for a short time.


  • Addiction

Playing game regularly can create an addition to your mind and body and you have also listened that some people are addicted to playing video games. It will happen that time when you will play continuously without any break. And it is not good because if you will be addicted once to games then it will be very difficult to come back from that addiction.

  • Negative effects on socialisation

That child who is really interested in video games then it can lead to negative affect in your socialisation. Because of the game, they will not get that much time to be socialised with some other kids in your society.

So these are some advantages and disadvantages of playing games. So if you are playing the game then you should be aware of all the disadvantages and it is recommended that you should not play video game continuously you can play it for some time to fresh your mood or to provide relaxation to your mind.