7 Reasons To Fake Your Pregnancy


You might have seen that most of the people help pregnant ladies. It is easier for them to get a comfortable seat on the bus, train or anywhere else. Being pregnant for real can really be a huge load, while it is common to expect support from your surroundings in such situation. While you can also fake your pregnancy to take advantage of having all the luxury treatment. If you would like to know more reasons for having a fake pregnancy, then here are shown some of them:

Discover empathy from others

Do you want to get special treatment from others? Most of the people give more respect to the ladies those who are pregnant. They will treat you like a mistress and will not make you feel any uncomfortable experience.

fake- Ultrasound- marker

You do not have to diet

Even if you will gain weight slightly, you will find many people those who are ready to nag you about your eating habit. But if you have the baby bump on your belly, you do not have to worry about their nagging, as they will appreciate you to eat more.

Get a comfortable spot on bus or trains

In a huge rush, it is not easy to get a seat on the bus or train. While with a baby bump you can easily be able to get yourself a comfortable seat.

Get into first class

A sure trick to get yourself a first-class seat when you are having an air ticket of economic class, with a baby bump your request will be surely get accepted. You can be able to travel on a plane at business class using your economy class air ticket.

fake- Ultrasound- marker

Make your friend jealous

While your friend is showing off her beautiful life to make you feel awful. Give her news about your fake pregnancy and send her some cool pictures of you enjoying your maternity leave from the office. She would really get jealous of you.

Find out that he really loves you

As your boyfriend is claiming that he is ready to make a baby with you. You should contact fake ultrasound makers to give you a report. Give him a surprise of having a baby together. If he really wants to accept the child then you can be really sure that he will love you forever and never cheat you behind your back.

fake- Ultrasound- marker
fake Ultrasound marker

These are some genuine advantages which you can have if you would fake your pregnancy, while you should be careful enough to not make a mess because of your silly prank.