4 Ways To Make Use Of Male Cannabis Plant

4 Ways To Make Use Of Male Cannabis Plant

While being hermaphrodite, cannabis does exist. Unlike other flowering plants, cannabis requires both male and female plant to reproduce. The plants usually express male or female sex organs.

Female plants produce large resinous buds which are dried and consumed. This is the reason female cannabis plant you will find in every garden. Male cannabis plants usually regarded as useless and remove them out to avoid pollination. But still male cannabis plants have some valid uses. They could serve a beneficial purpose to the gardeners.

Here are some ways to use male cannabis plant –

  1. Breeding –

Breeding seeds are one of the most obvious functions of a male cannabis plant. During pollinating female, males provide half of the genetic makeup which is inherited by seeds. It is done because of everything like shape, pest and mold resistance, the rate of growth and climate resilience transfers or pass on a new generation to increase the quality of future generations. Because of this, it is important to look the genetic material of the male plants.

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  1. Hemp fiber –

When it comes to the production of hemp fiber, the male cannabis plants produce the softer material whereas the female cannabis plant produces strong and coarse material of fiber. The soft fibers which are produced by male plants are more desirable and accessible for clothing, tablecloth, and other household items.

  1. Concentrate production –

The male cannabis plant is also psychoactive in nature but is less potent than female. Male plants do not produce buds but they produce small amounts of cannabinoids which can be found in leaves, stems, and sacs. It is extracted from the plant to make hash oils and other oils.

  1. Garden enhancement –

Cannabis plants have many more benefits beyond bud production. They both male and female plants produce aromatic oils which are called as terpenes. Male plants also produce terpenes so you can include them on your vegetable or flowering garden as long as they are well separated from the female cannabis plant.

These terpenes are associated with pest and insect control. These oils are applied to repel insects and pest as natural sprays.

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Additionally, you must know that cannabis plants have deep roots which dive deep into the ground and allowing for moisture and nutrients. It improves the soil quality.


Male cannabis plant usually gets discarded from the gardens as it does not have a good reputation but still they are useful in many ways. Such weeds can be beneficial for you and your gardens. You can buy weed online from many various sites.