Our Programming

Sponsorships require a minimum donation of $3600/year per show. Your company, tribute, or whatever you want will be used for sponsoring the show. For example the Focus on the Family hour is sponsored by Cyclone MFG, in Urbana, Indiana. Due to strict rules on non profit radio stations, we can not do any calls to actions, comparative statements etc… feel free to submit what you would like to have aired to ensure that legal approves it.
Program Name Air Time (All Times EST) Sponsored by

Jam The Hype
Weds 7-9pm Fri 8-10PM
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The Reconstruction
Thurs 7-8:30pm
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Mad Radio Show
Tues 6-10pm Sat 8-11pm
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Sunday Morning Drive
Sun 9-11am
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Focus on the Family Mon. – Fri. 12-1pm Cyclone Mfg.
Washington Watch Mon. – Fri. 2-3:00pm
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New Release Tuesday Tues. 5pm-6pm
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